3 Situations When You Need A Personal Injury Attorney By Your Side

2 December 2022
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Did you know that a whopping 6 million auto accidents happen in the county every year? An auto collision can leave you and your loved one with severe bodily injuries that may turn your life upside down and take a toll on your finances. You can file an insurance claim to recover your benefits and offset all these expenses. However, filing an auto accident claim is more complicated than it sounds. You need an attorney to navigate the process and secure your compensation. Here are three scenarios you need an attorney by your side.

1. When You Have Lost a Loved One in the Collision

Few things are more shattering than losing a family member in a road accident. Besides the grief, you also have to arrange their funeral, which will cost you money. The pain may even be greater if the deceased was the breadwinner. The family left behind has to find means to put food on the table, which is not always easy.

However, you can seek wrongful death benefits to help cover the funeral expenses, lost financial support, and consortium (lost love and companionship). But before you file a wrongful death claim, it would help to hire an experienced attorney. They can help convince the jury that the defendant caused your loved one's death and that you sustained quantifiable damages from their loss to secure and maximize your settlement.

2. When You Sustain Severe Injuries

The impact of an auto collision is more than enough to leave you with life-altering injuries such as spine fractures, brain injuries, amputations, and eye injuries. To recover, you may need surgery, hospitalization, and rehabilitation. Unfortunately, this can make you spend your money to the last penny. Even worse, it will be hard to work and provide for your family. Therefore, it is in your best interest to file a claim to recover your losses.

However, to secure the claim, you need to prove that the defendant was negligent and that you sustained damages, which can be hard without legal knowledge. A personal injury attorney can take eyewitness statements and collect evidence from the collision scene to help prove your claim and secure your benefits.

3. When You Need to Negotiate a Settlement

Once the insurer evaluates your claim, they will call you with an offer. But you should not accept the offer without consulting an attorney. They will help evaluate the offer to see if it adequately covers all your damages and losses. If it is too low, they will protect your rights and negotiate to get every dollar you are entitled to.

Are you about to file a claim after an auto collision? Engage a local personal injury attorney without hesitation. They will walk you through this turbulent journey, help you avoid mistakes, and safeguard your interests.