Have You Broken Your Collarbone In A Vehicular Collision? How To Seek Compensation

15 August 2022
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You and your passengers must buckle your safety belts when riding in the car. Doing so averts death or serious harm if you collide with another vehicle. But while seat belts are life savers, they can cause bodily harm, such as breaking the collarbone. A broken collarbone can lead to life-altering medical complications. But through the legal guidance of an auto accident attorney, you can seek compensation from the party responsible for the road accident. This article looks at complications that often arise after breaking a collarbone and how to get compensation.

Complications Arising from Collarbone Injury

Broken bone pieces can damage sensitive internal organs. These injuries can be life-threatening because they can make you lose a lot of blood. If not addressed in time, you may become paralyzed. Therefore, you should receive medical care immediately after the collision. That way, your doctor will offer you emergency care to prevent further complications from the broken collarbone. In addition, a broken clavicle can cause joint problems that are often accompanied by excruciating pain.

Other complications can crop up as the breakage heals. That includes some bones failing to move back to their original position. You may develop movement challenges and soreness as a result of this issue. In addition, excess bone growth could change your body image, which might impact your working ability and self-esteem. 

Luckily, you are entitled to compensation for all the money you spend on treatment for the above conditions. But it's crucial to preserve all the medical reports and payment receipts given at the hospital. They will give your lawyer adequate medical evidence to request compensation for your losses. 

How to Get the Rightful Payments

You might require several weeks or months of hospitalization during the treatment of complications related to a broken clavicle. And even after discharge from the hospital, your doctor might recommend taking time off work to allow full recovery of the bones. That could create a financial strain for you and your family.

However, you don't have to suffer this financial burden since you are entitled to compensation. Instead, hire a personal injury law attorney so they can help you prepare a strong claim. They will also represent you in the negotiations with the insurer as you seek treatment. Moreover, they will represent you in court if the case goes to trial.

Injuries that affect your collarbone can get complicated if not treated promptly and correctly. But with compensation from the at-fault party, you can seek quality treatment and resume your daily routine in no time. But engage an auto accident lawyer for professional guidance on the legal aspects of the compensation process. 

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