Protecting Yourself From Mistakes After Being In A Rideshare Accident

6 June 2022
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Being involved in a rideshare accident can be a serious situation that may have the potential to leave a person suffering from major injuries. While there are many types of accidents that can lead to significant losses, any type of automobile accident can be serious given the high likelihood of suffering major injuries. Unfortunately, rideshare accidents can be particularly stressful for individuals as they may be unsure of the steps that are needed to resolve this matter. As a result, victims in these cases can be prone to making a handful of mistakes.

Discussing The Case Without Legal Representation

In an effort to resolve the situation, the victim may decide to speak with the insurance of the other party without legal representation. Unfortunately, this is a mistake that could have catastrophic impacts on their ability to pursue the case in court. A common example of this could be the insurance attempting to get the victim to admit fault for the accident or to sign documents that prevent them from pursuing the case in court. Hiring an attorney to handle these communications can drastically reduce this risk as the attorney will be more informed about the rights of their client and the tactics that insurance companies may use to avoid liability.

Waiting Too Long After The Accident To Begin Documenting It

Thoroughly documenting the accident can help to strengthen your case when you decide to pursue legal action. Unfortunately, individuals that wait too long to begin this process can find that much of the evidence that they need may no longer exist. This is particularly true when it comes to security cameras or dashcams that may have observed the accident. In addition to evidence documenting the occurrence of the accident, individuals should also undergo medical evaluations to determine the scale of their injuries and to create a stronger connection between the injuries that they suffered and the accident that occurred.

Assuming There Is Little Reason To Attempt To Get A Higher Settlement From The Insurance

When the insurance for the rideshare service or driver offers a settlement, some individuals may simply assume that this is the best offer that they will be able to get. While it is true that insurance companies may have large legal departments, victims in accident cases have fairly well-defined rights. As a result, a victim that is represented by an attorney may be able to get a better offer for the losses that they suffered. In some cases, this may require pursuing a lawsuit, and while this can be a lengthy and inconvenient process, it may be the only option for allowing individuals to recover the losses that they suffered as a result of the accident that they experienced.

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