4 Frequently Asked Questions About Auto Accident Claims

10 February 2022
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Understanding the law on accident claims and compensation is the best way to avoid doubts as you start the process. But often, victims create unnecessary complications in their cases because they follow misleading information from relatives and friends. 

The best way to go around a claim is by engaging a car accident lawyer. Additionally, this article will discuss four frequently asked questions about auto accident claims to get you started in the process.

Can You Get Compensated for Lost Income If You're Self-Employed?

Like employees, self-employed individuals get compensation for the income they lose due to auto accident injuries. As long as you have sufficient proof, you will get money back for the days your injuries could not allow you to work. 

Better yet, you can include the extra costs you incurred to hire new workers to handle your duties in order to keep the business running. But the process can be tricky to handle in court. In this case, your attorney might suggest working with a forensic economic expert to aid in creating a full report for the losses. 

What If the At-fault Driver Didn't Have Insurance During the Accident?

Without insurance, the at-fault party might have an uphill task compensating you since the liabilities of an auto accident are pretty high. Luckily, your insurance can stand in if the policy covers uninsured motorists. Another way to get compensated is if someone you reside with has insurance cover for uninsured motorists. Your lawyer will help you with this process.

Can You Keep My Car Even If It Is Totaled?

Yes, you can keep your totaled car if you wish to. However, the amount of compensation you get might be less than the value of wreckage if you opt for this route. The salvage value will come from the total value of the settlement. You also have to make a statement to the DMV to inform them about the totaled car. It might not be worth much as the pink slip will be a salvaged title.

Can You Get Your Car Repaired at Any Body Shop?

Of course, you can have your vehicle repaired at the auto repair shop of choice. The fundamental requirement here is finding a reliable repair shop. Typically, your insurance company will work with your mechanic to cover the restoration costs. Alternatively, they can ask you for the invoice to pay off the expenses.

A car accident lawyer will answer all the questions about your case. Additionally, they know how to handle each situation and make it work for your benefit. So contact a car accident attorney today and start the process of getting compensated for your damages and injuries.

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