Should You Hire A DWI Attorney?

29 April 2021
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All the states in America have a 0.08 blood alcohol concentration limit used to determine a driver's level of alcohol intoxication when on the road. Driving under the influence is considered a criminal offense, and when you find yourself on the wrong side of the law, you should look for a capable DWI attorney. What are the consequences of driving under the influence?

  • It can affect your employment 

  • You might lose your driver's license

  • Heavy DUI penalties

  • You can endanger your life and other road users, including your passengers

  • You can cause damage to property

How Can a DWI Attorney Help?

Once your blood alcohol level is determined to be above the set limit, you might be charged with drinking while intoxicated. Hiring a lawyer might not take the charges away but might lessen the consequences. 

An experienced lawyer will argue your case to enable you to keep the driver's license and have lesser sentencing. It's highly unlikely the case will be dismissed unless you prove that you were not intoxicated.

In most states, your driving license will be confiscated on arrest, and the sentencing might include a loss of driving privileges for a defined period. Nowadays, jail term, even for first-time offenders, is mandatory even if it's a few days but can extend to longer durations for repeat offenders.   

A Lawyer Informs You of What to Expect

After the arrest, you'll be taken to the nearest police station or jail and your fingerprints and photographs will be taken. You can have someone pay the bail and pick you up in some states, but you must appear in court to answer the charges. 

Hiring a DWI attorney prepares you for what to expect in court. For instance, if you deny the charges and plead not guilty, you and everyone else in the courtroom will watch a video where you fail the field sobriety test.

You'll Get a More Lenient Sentencing

When charged with a DUI and other charges such as damage to property, injuring someone, killing someone, or running stop signs, you might get a more extended sentencing and higher fines. You'll need an experienced lawyer to help you fight the case.

Driving under the influence is a serious case, and when your actions put other people's lives in danger, your charges will be more serious. 

The attorney will gather all the evidence needed to negotiate more lenient sentencing. He will also help you enroll in a state-recognized drug and rehabilitation center. 

Wyoming has the highest DUI arrest cases and a fatality rate of 7.6 per 100k people. States have stringent DUI guidelines making a DWI attorney a necessity when arrested for driving under the influence. 

For more information, contact a DWI attorney in your area today.