The Primary Purposes Of Retaining An Experienced Hit-And-Run Lawyer

25 March 2021
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Under ideal circumstances, the person who causes you to be in a vehicle wreck will exchange his or her insurance information with you, comply with any police investigation and compensate you for your damages. However, many wrecks are anything but ideal. They can leave you scrambling to find the responsible party and make timely insurance claims to recoup your losses.

You especially can have a difficult time holding the responsible party accountable when he or she flees the scene of the wreck. In this instance, you need to retain an experienced hit-and-run lawyer to represent you.

Finding Out Who Caused the Wreck

When you retain a hit-and-run lawyer to represent you, you can get the help that you need to find out exactly who caused the wreck. The person who caused it may have driven away quickly and not left behind any identifiers at the scene. Even more, people who saw the crash may not be able to recall the make and model of the car or the appearance of the driver.

Even so, your hit-and-run lawyer can use the available clues to help find the driver who caused the wreck. He or she can use your vehicle's dashcam footage. He or she can also use the film from nearby security cameras to find out details of the driver and track him or her down.

Filing Immediate Action

Once your lawyer has uncovered the identity of the driver, he or she can then file immediate legal action on your behalf. If your hit-and-run lawyer finds that the driver has a viable auto insurance policy, he or she can make a claim to recoup damages that you suffered in the wreck. 

Even if your hit-and-run lawyer discovers that the driver is uninsured, he or she can still take legal action against this individual. Your attorney can file a lawsuit to seek a judgment that can put a lien on the person's assets. The money that you receive in the judgment can pay off your damages and give you enough money to move on with your life.

A hit-and-run lawyer can provide critical benefits to you after this kind of wreck. He or she can use clues to find out the identity of the driver. Your attorney can also file insurance claims or a lawsuit to recover your damages.

To learn more, reach out to a hit-and-run lawyer in your area today.