Legal Services That a Workers Compensation Lawyer Can Provide

4 February 2021
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When you are hurt in an accident at work, you may receive a rush of well-meaning advice from friends, coworkers, and family members. However, none of them have close knowledge of your state's personal injury laws. They may not know what the best course of action truly is for you to take.

Instead of relying on their inexperienced advice, you can find out what to do by consulting with an attorney who practices in injury law. You can benefit by putting a workers compensation lawyer on retainer. 

Acting Within the Timeframe

Depending on where you live, you may only have a few days to take decisive action to protect your best interest. In fact, some states only allow you up to 72 hours after you are injured to report the incident to your employer.

When you consult with a workers compensation lawyer right after your injury, you can find out how much time that you have to act against your employer and its insurer. Your lawyer can make sure that you file a prompt claim and seek medical help right away so you avoid having to pay for your expenses out of your own pocket.

Filing an Insurance Claim

Your lawyer can also file your insurance claim for you so you avoid having to communicate with your employer directly about your case. Your attorney can speak for you and obtain the information needed to file this claim. He or she can also explain to your employer what happened and why it is necessary for you to file a claim against the company's insurance company.

Once your attorney files the claim, he or she can then make sure that it gets paid out right away. He or she can ensure that you do not receive any bills for your injury-related medical bills, prescription costs, physical therapy, or other treatments.

Finally, your workers compensation lawyer can assist you in filing for permanent disability if you cannot return to work at all. He or she can pursue the funds from your employer's insurance company. He or she can also ensure that you maintain your health insurance and other benefits that you have paid into during your employment.

A workers compensation lawyer can provide important benefits to accident victims like you. He or she can file insurance claims, advise you on timeframes and pursue disability benefits. Schedule an appointment with a work injury attorney to get started.