See Why Your Workers' Compensation Claim Didn't Go Through And How A Lawyer Can Help

9 November 2020
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It's usually very upsetting to learn that your workers' compensation claim was denied, especially when workplace-related injuries have kept you out of work for a while, and you perhaps have no funds to support yourself and pay for medication. When this happens, you might feel despair and even consider forgoing the entire process. However, most of these claims are denied, not because there is a serious problem with the claim, but due to small errors that you can rectify.

Knowing where the mistake happened, and fixing it, is usually the first step in getting your compensation. It's something you can easily achieve once you get a workers' compensation lawyer to help you. 

It's Probable the Injuries Happened Elsewhere

To get compensated, you are expected to prove that you got injured within the business premises or work environment. If you don't prove so, the claim is likely to be denied. If you got injured elsewhere, you are unlikely to get any compensation benefits. For instance, if you fall or even slip inside the warehouse, your compensation claim is genuine, and you qualify to get these benefits. However, if your ankle got twisted or sustained some other injuries on the subway on your way to the workplace, it won't be easy to substantiate your claims. This means you will lose your claim in the process.

The lawyer that handles workers' compensation issues will help you determine whether it's possible to be compensated.

You Had Abused Some Drugs or Were Drunk When the Injury Happened

You may have been injured within your workplace environment, but this doesn't guarantee compensation. If the employer and insurer prove that you had used some drugs or were drunk when you fell or got injured, you may lose the battle. Once you get injured, going to the hospital should be the first thing you do. However, the doctor might want to find out if you were intoxicated when you sustained those injuries. If the doctor records in the medical report that you were intoxicated, you could easily lose your benefits.

It's Proved That an Unapproved Doctor Treated You

Cases involving workers' compensation are usually very particular. Proving you were injured at the workplace might be a tough task for you if you sought medical help from an unapproved doctor. Note that sometimes, when you go to the unapproved doctors, you run the risk of them downplaying your injuries—something that will be bad for your case. 

These are complications that a workers' compensation lawyer can help you manage. Take time and choose the best lawyer for your case to get your claim approved.