Filing A Lawsuit After Opioid Painkiller Lawsuits

2 July 2020
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For many Americans, opioids and painkillers have become incredibly destructive. The problem of addiction among Americans is growing, and many people are considering personal injury lawsuits after they have faced physical and financial damages associated with these opioids.

Want to know if a lawsuit may be in your best interest? This guide will help you organize your thoughts.

Who Can You Sue?

If you believe you have been injured as a result of opioids, you may be able to sue the manufacturers of these drugs. These include major companies with high-powered attorneys, which means you definitely want to consider representation if you take your case to court.

If you suspect that the medications were prescribed to you in error, in the wrong dosage, or in spite of the fact that the doctor knew you were an addict, you may be able to pursue a case against the doctor as well.

What Can You Sue For?

You may pursue a lawsuit on the grounds of product liability. A manufacturer that creates a product, including medication, may be responsible for some of the consequences that result from it. This is especially the case if the company was negligent in manufacturing the products.

If you have a loved one who passed away because of the medications, you may pursue a wrongful death case. You may pursue the costs of medical bills, burial, and emotional pain and suffering.

If you are the victim of opioid use and spent a significant amount of money on medical bills or were unable to work, you may also be able to recoup funds for your medical bills and lost wages.

Are Cases Successful?

You might wonder if a case involving opioids can be successful. Right now, the opioid crisis is terrifying and reaching new heights. All too many people never pursue their options because they do not realize that they have the choice to sue.

While not every case is successful, you do not lose anything by speaking with a professional who understands personal injury cases linked to wrongful death, medical expenses, and opioids.

Hire a Personal Injury Attorney

A personal injury attorney will assess your case involving opioids and determine what your case might be worth. They will look at your damages and the potential to prove negligence or fault in another party.

Still on the fence? Call a personal injury attorney today to learn more about filing a lawsuit.