5 Questions To Ask Your Car Accident Attorney

15 June 2020
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Dealing with medical bills and injuries after a car accident is usually hard. Fortunately, you might be able to receive money for your losses with the help of a car accident attorney.

Look for an attorney with experience in auto accident cases. When you meet with the attorney for the first time, ask the following questions.

What Information Do You Need?

There are many things a car accident lawyer might need. They may ask for witness statements, photographs, medical bills and the police accident report. Once the attorney fully understands what happened, they can tell you exactly what they will need from you.

How Will You Handle My Case?

The answer to this question will give you insight into how the attorney works and will represent you. You need to develop trust and a partnership with the attorney working on your case. If you're not confident in their plans, ask for more details.

What Are the Potential Damages?

An attorney cannot promise you a set dollar amount. However, they can provide an estimate based on what happened and your injuries and losses. Since the attorney has experience with cases similar to yours, they can give you a realistic figure.

Should I Settle or Sue?

You might be able to come to an agreement with the insurance company without ever filing a lawsuit. Even if you have to sue the insurance company, you can still settle before the case actually goes to trial.

Discuss any settlement offers you receive with your attorney. They will go over the pros and cons of each offer before you make a decision. If you decide to settle, you will not be able to sue later.

What Are the Fees and How Are They Paid?

Attorneys charge clients in different ways. They may charge a flat case fee or bill by the hour. Many personal injury attorneys work on a contingency fee basis. Under this, you will not pay upfront. Instead, the attorney will take a percentage of the money you receive.

Learn exactly how the attorney charges and when you will be expected to pay. When you understand what and how you will be charged, you can plan in advance.

You don't have to just live with your losses after a car accident. Meet with an experienced car accident attorney and ask all the right questions so you can begin to financially recover what from happened.

To learn more, contact a car accident lawyer.