Why You Need To Hire A Birth Defect Attorney If Your Baby Is A Victim Of Medical Negligence

26 May 2020
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Does your child have a disability due to something that happened when you were giving birth? Your baby may have been growing healthy inside the womb with no signs of having any potential disabilities that would negatively affect his or her life. However, if something went wrong while you were in the hospital, you need to talk to a birth defect attorney about laws involving birth injuries that can lead to different defects.

How Can Defects and Disabilities Occur During Labor?

Different defects and disabilities can occur when a woman is giving birth to a child for numerous reasons. These rights might include:

  • The umbilical cord was causing asphyxiation inside the womb.
  • The obstetrician used forceps and caused some damage to your baby's skull.
  • Your baby got stuck in the vaginal canal.
  • The obstetrician should have performed an emergency C-section but failed to do so.
  • You did not receive the greatest level of care while staying at the hospital.

Neglect or bad decisions made on behalf of medical staff members can cause injuries to a newborn baby that can have lasting and permanent effects on the baby. Defects and disabilities are not always noticeable at first. However, when a child is not reaching milestones, it may be evident to the parent that something is wrong. If you already happen to know your child has a disability because he or she received a diagnosis, disability might have happened at birth due to a lack of high-quality care during the delivery.

What Does the Birth Defect Lawyer End up Doing?

What the birth defect lawyer ends up doing is communicating with you to receive details on your child's situation. The lawyer will comb through medical records and find out all the details about what went wrong in the hospital room when you were giving birth. When there is a substantial amount of proof that shows neglect led to your child's health issues, the lawyer can sue your obstetrician and the hospital where you gave birth because of the negligence. If you win the lawsuit, you may get to receive millions of dollars in compensation due to the damages.

Try to speak to a congenital disability lawyer when you have concerns about issues that happened during your delivery. Unfortunately, medical professionals do make mistakes at times, and that one mistake might have permanently changed your child's life. Receiving justice means filing a lawsuit and fighting for the money you should receive from the hospital for mistakes that occurred at a time that should have been exciting and joyous for you.