3 Reasons To Hire A Lawyer For Your Drunk Driving Car Accident Case

17 September 2020
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Drunk driving and driving under the influence of drugs are the two major causes of car accidents. As a result, the legal system has set up very stiff measures to punish offenders. In most states, driving under the influence will attract hefty fines and, sometimes, even jail time, especially when there are human casualties. If you have been caught driving while drunk, you should look for an attorney right away to represent you. Read More 

How The Statute Of Limitations Affects An Injury Claim

4 September 2020
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The majority of cases a personal injury lawyer handles will be subject to a statute of limitations of between two and three years. A statute of limitations is a law that requires claimants to officially send their demands to defendants within a limited amount of time after an incident. If you had a slip-and-fall incident at a grocery store in a state with a two-year statute of limitations, for example, you'd have to send them a demand package within two years of the date you were hurt. Read More 

3 Things About Accidents With Uninsured Drivers

19 August 2020
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Were you involved in a car accident, but the driver doesn't have car insurance? You may be wondering what you can do in this situation to have your injury-related expenses covered. Here are 3 things to know about this unique situation. Don't Take The Driver's Word You should never take the other driver's word about if they have insurance or not. For all you know, they are lying and saying they don't have insurance so that you do not pursue a claim with their insurance provider. Read More 

Seeking Compensation For A Defective Foreign Auto Part Is Difficult But Not Impossible

5 August 2020
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When you purchase a used car, you may be surprised to discover that some of the parts found in your vehicle come from a foreign supplier. Then, when you crash your car, you might find out that one of the contributing factors to your crash was a defect in a foreign part in your car. While you may be able to hold some foreign companies responsible, you'll need help from an auto accident lawyer because you may find it difficult to track these individuals down. Read More 

Farm Equipment Defects That Can Lead To Horrific Injuries

28 July 2020
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Farming is one of the most dangerous industries to work in. One of the reasons why farming is so dangerous is that it relies on heavy machinery that can cause serious injuries. If you work on a farm as a laborer, your employer is responsible for making sure that the equipment is safe. If your employer fails to do so, you should consider calling a farm accident attorney. Why Farm Equipment is Dangerous Read More